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  1. Bilco512

    STOLEN :(

    hello all, unfortunately yesterday all my bikes (2x crf50 stockers) and 1x Crf450x were stolen from my house, the pricks just jumped the fence and took off with them out the roller door, something that i really never thought would happen to me :( here are some photos of the bikes...
  2. L

    STOLEN!!! Motovert rx125 registered

    Hi guys, I'm not one to post on this site cause I don't know much but my pride and joy has been stolen, it's a 2008 motovert rx125 regisistered pitty, it's a one of a kind and very rare as you all know and I just want it back, so imm asking you guys if you see it please call police, it was...
  3. UncleChopChop

    Stolen!!! $2000 reward!

    Hey guys my brand new 2011 KTM250SXF Got stolen 2nights ago while i was inside my house. It has Zeta Unbreakable leavers on it and the hour meter should have roughly 17hrs any imformation contact me on 0425805077 Cheers Mitch
  4. S

    Sotlen car

    Hey guy and girls, i know that this post is nothing related to bike. But i really want to find my car my car has been stolen for my house on 7/6/10. My car was stolen between 10am to 6pm. If you have any detail on my car can you plz conatct me. My phone number is 0433953381. My car is a...