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  1. S

    WTB CRF50 chain guard and standard bars.

    Hey guys chasing a crf50 chain guide cover that goes over the chain on top of the swing frame so the little guy doesn't get his fingers or foot stuck in the chain. WANTED: Crf50 Chain guide cover - Standard Crf50 bars CONDITION: New/used around 2005 model PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: As cheap as...
  2. B

    Ducar Gudgeon pin stuck hard

    Hi, I got given a 2007 Atomik bike with a 125 Ducar motor last week. Some parts were missing, so after fitting a new throttle grip, carby and flushing the motor, although it started easy, it blew heaps of blue smoke. I stripped the engine to replace the piston and rings to find that the piston...
  3. S

    tripple clamp stem thread rounded??

    i was given a xsport 110cc wiv many problems i luv to work on bikes nd that so i decided to take it apart nd work on it, when i was takin of the forks from the frame i realised the thread on the stem had rounded and the bolt is stuck i cant loosen it as the stem bolt just spins, i dont want to...
  4. dunny29er

    Rear Brake Problem

    so when i press my Back Brake down it stays down i have to push it back up to release the break it doesn't come back by itself iv tried spaying it with WD40 but no luck not sure what to do thanks Dunny