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  1. Rizzo97

    Fork bang?

    Got a pair of Forks off a cheap TDR on eBay and when I changed the oil in them there was a thick plastic kind of Washer below that big nut at the top of the tube and around the lock nut on the rod, but it was broken, soi chucked oThe of them away because I didn't want little bita plastic all...
  2. S

    Eudunda tomorrow...or Morgan, or ya mates back yard...or anywhere to fkn ride???

    Im super keen to ride tomorrow!! Anywhere anyhow I dont care....anyone keen anyone at all??? Anyone in SA got some good stuff to ride or want to pay $20 to ride somewhere??? Ill go illegal if it means riding.....I really just WANT TO RIDE TOMORROW!!!! Ill drive 5 hrs each way..........I just...
  3. T

    orion 250cc

    ok so im new here and dont know where to put this im looking at buying a orion 250, i would like some info on them what they are like and how they handle and stuff, this will be my first "big" bike, im 6''4' and weigh about 105kg but am too scared to get a 450 thanks
  4. Carlts

    What was in your childhood?

    Just an idea I had for a thread, seeing we are from scattered places and of variuos ages, we all must of had different things that kept us entertained through the younger years... I'll start: Who could forget the pokemon cards lol While on the theme, who could forget Pokemon Red:
  5. mad man

    Official "jokes" thread.

    Whats brown and stikey? a STICK. How to drown a blonde- put a mirror at the botom of a pool. Why did the blonde climb over the glass wall? to see whats on the other side. Irish inventions. ______________________________________ PEDAL POWER WHEEL CHAIR. WATER PROOF TEA BAGS. EJECT BUTON ON A...