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    Requesting YOUR Crf50 Subframe Measurement.

    Hey, i need to confirm if my subframe is different from other stock crf50's. as i suspect mine is, its a 2014 model. Can someone confirm the Width of the Bottom 2 tubes on the subframe as per my picture. Stock subframe please. as per this picture.

    Help! Did i receive the wrong Rear Spring for my Crf50?

    ISSUE FIXED! MY SUBFRAME WAS OUT MY 3MM COMPARED TO SAME YEAR MODEL CRF50. SWAPPED SHOCK FOR A KITACO HD REAR SHOCK from 50stunt. So i have a 2014 Crf50f that I'm turning into a stunt bike. ( build vid will come on my channel ariderslife) Problem. New Rear Shock doesn't fit Stock 2014 crf50...
  3. sam93

    Subframe/engine mounts?

    I just recently bought a motovert crf50 style frame off ebay. But Im stumpted to what subframe/engine mounts it uses? Here is a pic of it Thanks, Sam93.