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  1. gottagetacheaperhobby

    what engine to buy...

    hi guys, i am looking for a little advice here... i currently have a gpx 125 in my bike and am hungry for more but i cant decide on the tb version of the gpx i currently have or a 155/160 ho... i love the way my engine revs but im just not convinced that the gpx 125 engine dhz sell with the tb...
  2. J3NNINGS_024

    yx 150cc to 170cc Questions

    hey guys, im thinking of turning my yx 150 (klx style) into a 170 and ive got a few questions. 1. has any of you guys bought the TB 170 kit and if you have, whats it like? 2. can i turn it into a stroker, with the works yx 160 short crank off TBoltusa? 3. if i can turn it into a stroker...