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  1. E

    Coil help!!

    Hey everyone I have have a coil on the bike arm and wanted to swap it over to another on, but the connections are different to each other, just wondering if I can get some tips on what to do and yea! Thanks :) I have this one on now and want to swap it to this one!
  2. LJasonH

    Suspension Setup Tips

    More tweaking to come... so does anyone have any suspension setup tips for an Outlaw 160 (the GPX and Black Label setup). Are the settings for sag, compression and rebound just as they are for a larger bike (I didn't find anything in my searches)?
  3. LuckyGirl

    Tips for Brand New Engine?

    Hello I just got my Brand new Lifan 125cc engine in the mail today. I have never ran a brand new engine before. Anyone have any tips or advise? Like when to change the oil?(after the first hour of use?) What oil should I use? After the first start up how long do you let it warm up before taking...
  4. bra

    TTY racing 125cc thupstar

    this is my tty 125cc thumpstar i just bought off my mate for $750 its only about 3months old tell me wat u think or if u have any tips/ideas for it thanks :) heres the link to the original site: TTY Racing 125 Thumpster