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  1. Z

    Need help tuning walbro carby on small 2 stoke engine

    hey everyone, ive got one of those motorised mountain bike setups with a pretty decent engine and a chainsaw diaphram type carby as its better than the float bowl carbs you can buy for them( i think its a walbro, with low and high jet screws) and before you laugh cos of my silly bike, i have 2...
  2. my67xr

    my latest buy, 2x Yamaha Chappy 80cc 2 strokes, and build/modify thread

    hey gents and femmes, some of you may have seen pics of my 1984 Yamaha IT200L, well, keeping true to the Yamaha man i am, i have added 2 more bikes to my collection. im into things that are slightly different than most people, and modifying, i just cant help myself....:b_grind: i kind of...
  3. S

    Carby Problems

    I have a well used 70cc Atomik motox and was wondering how to fix the carb. The problem is after i've been riding with the throttle on full for a while, then slow down, when i go to take off or use the throttle at all it just dies and stalls like the kill switch has been ingaged. After i start...
  4. ©orza™

    YX with 30mm Molkt carb Tuning Question

    Hey All, Ok what yas all think. Both me and my girfriend have 140cc bikes with Yx motor and Molkt 30mm carbs. Her bike seems to be a little bit smoother than mine in the lower gears and a fraction bit more responsive, mine in the low gears 1st and 2nd at low revs tends to hiccup a little, also...