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  1. R

    Victorian MiniMotard?

    Hey all i have a z50r i was thinking of turning into a motard bike but im just wondering if there is any point are there regular races?, where are they at?. Any info would be great thanks a lot.
  2. rotn50

    A vid of the small washout that devastated my shoulder lol.

    So here is a small vid of my 10 min ride in Victoria with nick and the small washout that ended my weekend and messed up my shoulder, pretty sure I had fractured it the week before but anyway this proves that anything can happen anytime. I look back at this vid and can feel the immense pain...
  3. tomy251

    Anyone from VIC Driving up to Mini Nationals and Could Pick-Up a Bike for Me?

    Hi Guys! Im Buying a New Bike but the only thing is its Located in Whorouly, Victoria. I was going to consider getting it Freighted up to me using a Moto Courier but I do know there will be a fair few people from down VIC way coming up for the Mini Moto Nationals this Saturday! So if...