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  1. turkey

    150 and 190 Daytona anima comparison to other bikes

    In terms of speed its matches are (these are not in order) 1: 85cc 2 strokes 2: Kx 100 3: 125cc 2 strokes 4: 184cc 2v engine 5: crf250 6: cr250 People been wondering about how these monster rank against other monster I had seen videos of them going against 250s and doing well...
  2. zwebx

    Old streetbike videos..

    Some goose i used to know that had his hands on a 2010 ninja 250.. Will be posting links to these edited videos i have found. Some say he doesnt eat cheese.
  3. rotn50

    Beach drags

    A quick vid of beach drags on piddys, check my youtoob channel below my post here and check out the other vids from that day and even maybe subscribe for instant notification of some sik vids. lol <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
  4. T

    PitsterPro videos

    hey guys put your pitsterpro videos here!!