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  1. L

    DRZ 50 or CRF 50

    Just wanting to know what would be a better bike I know a lot of people use CRF 50s but has anyone used a DRZ 50 what's the difference iv always liked both but not sure
  2. D

    Wanting Parts for a Pitsterpro 50cc

    As title says, Looking to buy a brake lever and clutch lever preferably gold or red and in great condition also wanting an extended front brake cable for the pitster pro XJR 50cc SS that suits the front drumb brakes and also an extended Clutch cable for a Lei 125cc engine as thats what i have...
  3. TomaszBurcon

    Not sure what to get please help.

    hey guys I have been looking at these rc difters for a while now and i have made up my mind that i am going to get one. But my problem is i dont know anything about them haha. I just want something that drifts well and isnt going to cost me a tonne of money on new parts. So i have been...