DRZ 50 or CRF 50

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Nov 7, 2014
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Just wanting to know what would be a better bike I know a lot of people use CRF 50s but has anyone used a DRZ 50 what's the difference iv always liked both but not sure
I'm guessing the CRF50 would be more popular, and they'd have a lot more performance parts around for them too.
Yeah I thought that I just like the drz too but it's no good if I can get better parts for the CRF
I found a guy selling a 09 CRF 50 for $1000 but not sure if it's a rip off considering I can buy a new 014 CRF 50 for $1699
Pretty sure 06 to current are all the same bike give or take.

Depends on how resourceful you are I suppose?
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