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  1. G

    Help finding drz 70 2011 upgrades ect

    Hey guys I'm new to miniriders and have a few questions about the Suzuki DRZ 70. I've recent brought a 2011 drz 70 for under $1000. It is in great condition. But am wanting to make a project out of it and turn it into a quicker and better bike to suit me. I have got a RM 250. Last time I...
  2. L

    DRZ 50 or CRF 50

    Just wanting to know what would be a better bike I know a lot of people use CRF 50s but has anyone used a DRZ 50 what's the difference iv always liked both but not sure
  3. S

    manual clutch kit crf 50 klx drz 110

    i have a 2007 sunl 110 which is an off brand crf 50 style bike and engine. its a 4 speed semi auto and i want to get a clutch kit for it but i can only find ones for klx and drz 110s. will these work on my engine or are they 2 completly diffrent engines.
  4. Prater999

    Difference between crf and drz frames?

    hey guys i was wondering if any1 could tell me if there is any difference between a crf50 frame and a drz70 frame? my drz frame is a bit bent and if i want a new 1 it will cost me $1600 from suzuki! so i thought i might c if a crf one would fit? The image below is one for a drz frame any...