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  1. Naturalbornthriller

    A Cheap and Reliable UK site !

    Iv ordered parts and they have been fantastic , for all based in uk i usee :
  2. my67xr

    Using the Miniriders website, for members old and new, a few helpful tips/hints/ideas

    Some general Miniriders User hints/tips etc, for members old and new. If you are new to Forums etc, i am posting up a few helpful hints/tips that you might need to know. when you start or reply to a thread here, you will see on the top left of the page. your Username, and Avatar picture to...
  3. the50king

    Anyone bought stuff off this site??

    hey was just lookin at some sites and saw this one with some pretty cool cheapish stuff so just wondering if anyone has used it before?? The site is: Faster-Minis - Pitbikes Minis Fiddy XR50 XR70 CRF50 CRF70 TT-R90 KLX110 DRZ110
  4. Carlts

    Pitbike Nostalgia - bringing back the old

    Hey guys this is just a thread to post up any finds you get from pit bike stores over the years. Been inspired by looking through DHZ archives, here's a few of my finds: Best way I've found to find stuff is through this site Internet Archive: Wayback Machine simply paste in your url. DHZ K-1...
  5. Carlts

    Miniriders Evolution

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd share with you the evolution of miniriders over the past few years.... enjoy October 16 - 2006 December 30 - 2006 June 22 - 2007 February 25 - 2008 December 18 - 2008 June 1 - 2009 Thanks for looking Guys, and a big...
  6. H

    new pit bike

    Hey all pit bikers, Help us start up our new Become a member and show off all your pit bike photos and videos. Or start a new topic in the forum. Or even post a new ad to sell your pit bike. It's easy, just go to the members page and click "Join Site" and help us start...