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  1. K

    Any where good to ride at in or near geelong?

    is there any good places at all for bush riding or any tracks that you don't have to be a member on to ride at basically anywhere to ride with out need a membership thanks.
  2. M

    Looking to buy my first pit bike.

    Hey guys of miniriders.com! Just joined like 5 mins go! But as you may know from the title, I'm looking for my first pit bike. I'm new to the sport, and know nothing about pit bikes, just that theyre pretty much kids bikes with suped up engines made for mucking around on trails and stuff. So...
  3. Dirt Bikez & Pocket B

    NSW Riding Spots

    Dirt trails? i live in sydney and would like 2 know good areas where 2 ride my mini dirt bike,any locations in nsw will do. i want 2 take it 2 a place where i can enjoy riding it on dirt. i know u guys have ideas of where 2 ride. is there a few places close 2 fairfield. any legal and illegal...