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  1. xLOCOx

    Head stem that I got off mr roost666

    Hey guys and girls... My headstem seems to have more lock then the previous one.. I spoke to my mate, he's a motorbike specialist by trade, he reckons it's the stoppers, how will I make it stop earlier ..... Any help would be sweet cheers loco Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Clinton3

    Broken YX. Only got it yesterday :(

    Hey all, Today was my first ride on my Dirtmax Dominator +r with a 160cc YX engine. The bike is second hand with about 5 hours on it. Never seen more then a paddock. After about 30mins I stopped the engine and when I went to start it the rear wheel was locked, even in N or with the...
  3. T

    Atomik Nitrous 160cc (YX motor) 2010

    This is a first impressions review. I will follow up with a Vid maybe next weekend. (Disclaimer: I am an old fart who used tto ride a lot and just getting back into it) I git the bike last week, assembly was easy: Clutch cable, Rear Shock, Handle bars , Brake lever, Front wheel. Put some...