125cc Engine in a 50cc Frame, out of the box?

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Apr 6, 2021
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Hello, I've been on quads for the better part of my off-road lifetime due to having dwarfism. I've since sold my quad and this Easter I got bit by the pitbike bug it seems. I rode my cousin's 50cc Honda, and it was too much fun. The only issue is that my inseam is just -slightly- less than the recommended / comfortable height for the 50cc, leading me to tiptoe on one foot when stationary. The ride height can be fixed with a trimmed seat and / or a shorter shock, but I'm interested in having plenty of power too.

So what I'm wondering is if there are 50cc sized bikes that come with 125cc engines in them straight outta' the box. This will give me plenty of horsepower and speed to grow into once I'm fluent in riding. (also because I just wanna go really fast too, I think everyone can understand that.)

The Honda CRF50's seat height is about 21-22 inches. I've been unable to find much that is near that height.


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