212cc Stage 1 with stock muffler is ok?

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Jun 16, 2022
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hopefully my last question before I finally buy something.

Basically all I want is a 212 with good acceleration from a stop. A torque converter will help a bit, and stage 1 should also but not much.

I'm considering a $1,000 gopowersports complete mega moto with stage 1 tillotson 212. A 212 tillotson can handle stage 1 without having to upgrade the flywheel billet etc otherwise like the 212 predator a stage 1 is useless unless remove the governor but then have to upgrade flywheel billet etc or it'll likely break.

I don't want fast top speed at all really but want good acceleration for woods trails.
For woods I'd like it loud and use the stage 1 open header. But for side streets, would it cause an engine problem to put the stock tillotson exhaust muffler back on it or would it restrict flow and should have to change out the stage 1 jet and air filter also to stock?

Or I might just buy a used coleman or something with likely a 212 coleman/predator and put a 30 series torque converter on it and hope the previous owner didn't remove the governor and be riding a ticking time bomb, but will ask them about that and open to confirm if I do buy used. thanks

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