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Mar 4, 2019
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I am building a camper van and want a little minibike to use to get around.

I recently bought a couple incomplete chinese dirt bikes, and one engine of unknown origin.

The good motor that does run is a Roketa, it has a kick start, and what looks like a clutch lever override for the centrifugal clutch? I would like to keep both of those features. A backup kick start. I would also like reverse if I can have it because there have been times it would have been handy to have.

The engine I bought from a bone yard, it has 3 forward speeds, reverse, no kick start, no clutch lever bypass, but it does have electric start.

Removing the clutch side covers from both engines, it doesn't look like I can simply swap covers and transfer the kick start over to the engine with electric start. The right hand crank case half (Not the engine cover, but the right hand half of the two center engine halves) just has a small hole in the engine with E start, but the Roketa engine has a much larger hole for the return spring assembly.

Will the right hand side engine case from the Roketa (With kick start assembly) fit the engine with estart and reverse? Both engines are essentially identical externally, generic 124cc Honda clones.

Also how do I tell if I have a magneto that is wired for a self powered ignition? I don't want to use battery power to produce a spark. I have some experience with GY6 engines as I have a side by side with one on it. Also is there a way to identify the maker of the engine with E start and reverse? The motor was just laying there, no bike or quad around it, like someone removed it and took whatever it was in, but two of the mounting points look like the frame it was in may have rusted through or was wrecked, so whatever it came out of is no more. I assume a quad because it has reverse.

Also I would like to say there isn't a "Too much trouble" for me, but if the transmission with reverse moves things around so it cannot be adapted to kick start then that is obviously a deal breaker. But if I have to mix and match engine halves to have the features I want I have no problem doing that.

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