Anima 150 crank end play

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May 14, 2008
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Hi all, have a 150 Daytona Anima, and have been having issues with it running for 5 or so minutes then dying, flaming out. DHZ recommended the stator to be replaced.
Anyway, after a beer or two I tackled the flywheel with a bearing puller and a hammer...... Smashing the puller to try pop off the flywheel.
So, end result, I now have about 5mm play in the flywheel, have I stuffed it or is it fixable.
I'm getting the correct puller and looks like I'm pulling the engine apart.
Not my first rodeo, rebuilt outboards, jetskis and 450s. Just stuffed up big time on this one.
Hi there,

It sounds like you may have damaged the flywheel when you were trying to remove it. 5mm of play is a lot, and it's possible that the flywheel is now loose on the crankshaft. If this is the case, you will need to replace the flywheel. You can check the bearings at

Here are some tips for removing a flywheel without damaging it:

  • Use the correct size and type of puller.
  • Apply even pressure to the puller.
  • Do not use a hammer or other blunt object to try to force the flywheel off.
  • If the flywheel is stuck, you may need to heat it up with a torch.
Once you have removed the flywheel, inspect it for damage. If the flywheel is damaged, you will need to replace it.

Here are some tips for installing a new flywheel:

  • Make sure that the flywheel is the correct size and type for your engine.
  • Apply even pressure to the flywheel when installing it.
  • Do not overtighten the flywheel bolts.
If you are not comfortable installing a new flywheel, you may want to take your engine to a qualified mechanic.

I hope this helps!
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