Disappointing deal with CHP.

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Sep 5, 2011
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I have been collecting monkey bikes for near 40 years, I am in Australia, I purchased some trail 70 parts from CHP on EBay Australia, they arrived damaged from not being packed as well as they could of been, I communicated with CHP and was told by them to buy a second set and they would send me a return shipping label, so I did. Then later they said that won’t work as they didn’t realise I was an international customer. I was then told by CHP that they cancelled my second purchase and I had to claim on eBay international shipping which I did and after jumping thru the eBay hoops and some time later I was refunded by both EBay for the first purchase and CHP the second purchase only to find I was blocked by CHP because I made a claim!
it’s taken some time I sent many emails and messages to CHP and got crickets! No answer I even called Lyle and was told to leave a voice mail! I emailed CHP again today and received a reply from Lyle yes they blocked me because I made a claim! So international buyers beware! Thru no fault of mine this is how it can pan out! I can backup my statements! Cheers Monkeytom

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