Grom muffler fit for stage 1 header?

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Jun 16, 2022
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Finalizing a 1st mini bike order for side streets and trails.

Likely going with a 212 Predator from harbor freight on a mega moto 80/105 from gopowersports or maybe a mega 212 frame since it already has a TC and dual hydrolic and I prefer the larger size but I feel way more confident I won't get in trouble riding side streets with the smaller 80/105 frame.

For street I want a Honda Grom muffler so it's quiet as possible.
I read a RLV muffler barely makes it quieter difference despite some youtubers saying so after showing before and after.

I don't really want top speed. I want fast acceleration though.
I doubt I'll do any modifications past stage 1.
I'll likely not remove the internal governor because I don't want anything exploding without having to upgrade internal flywheel etc parts.

I want the stage 1 header/exhaust pipe to exit under the seat, not to the side, but either is fine as long as it'll fit a Grom??

I read some needed adapters etc for the Grom but I prefer a simple clamp-on to easily remove it for trail riding and have it loud in the woods.
With an open header for trails, I might get some sorta spark arrestor or an RLV because I'm paranoid about having a spark fly out and start a forest fire with how dry everything has been with drought and everything despite I'll likely also attach a mini fire extinguisher to the bike, which would suck to fall on and have it explode but maybe in a padded box or something or maybe just one of these flair-shape Element brand ones.

But do you think I can even fit a Grom on the 80/105 either under the seat or to the side?

gopowersports doesn't have a complete stage 1 kit in stock with the header bracing bar and heat wrap etc which I want, so I'll likely order it elsewhere.

Could someone link me a good deal on a stage 1 keeping in mind the dimensions of the Grom so it'll slip right on the header pipe?
Do I even need the carb included in the kit or just the jet? I think only the newer coleman engines have a fixed jet. So these carbs in these ~$150 kits are just for that, and also I don't have to research any 'performance carbs' or anything besides? Again, I don't want fast top speed but anything that'll make it faster from a stop is a plus without getting too advanced with stage 2 type internal upgrades etc.

much thanks if anyone can add some good input.

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