How to add a bright LED light to Tillotson 212 Electric start mega moto 212?

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Jun 16, 2022
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Hi I'm finishing building my Tillotson 212 e-start stage 1 on a mega moto 212 frame. It came with a non-LED headlight but I didn't even bother installing it because I think I need a brighter LED, and will sell the non-LED on eBay as new.

The kit didn't come with a battery but there's terminal wires coming off the engine for one. I don't think there's a charging coil installed in the flywheel, nor the dual coil I think LED needs.

I don't want or need electric key start, I'm fine with just pulling the cord, so if it makes sense I might remove the electric start can-shaped starter motor and the key box and sell that on eBay but then I might need a regular on/off switch despite the handlebar has a switch wired for that but just in case I need to run the engine with it off the bike for repair or something later?

But if I want any light I still need a battery? If it's connected to a dual coil electric start engine will it basically keep charging the battery for me while it's riding?

I just want as simple as possible but don't really want to trickle charge the bike because it'll be stored in a shed without outlets. Is there's some sort of battery I can remove easily to charge in the garage? Even something like a lithium ion battery pack. On my bicycle I have a mounted 18650 LED flashlight which is pretty bright but not nearly bright enough for woods riding at night I'd need the power of like 5 of them and even if stacked together wouldn't really be bright in the center it'd be more spread out and not bright enough.

Just looking for the easiest simplest option. Would also like a light I can zoom/focal to make brighter more centered instead of spread out because I mostly want to see the narrow trails right in front of me. thank you.

Turns out I can run an LED bulb with the single-coil my engine already has. Would need dual coil to run the non-LED stock bulb this bike came with, because LED needs less energy I guess.
In the youtube video above GPS linked the motorcycle bulb they found can be swapped with the stock bulb.
I basically just need to make a pigtail.

This is the LED bulb they say to use: WinPower S2 Ba20d

It has a High and Low but hopefully it's always on High because I'd like it nice and bright but if anyone happens to know the strongest bulb I can run with this configuration please go ahead and link it, even if it's a 'maybe' and I can return it with free return shipping I'll give it a try. But I think this should be bright enough.
Worth noting for different type of potential bulb recommendations (CREE / COB) that in the tutorial video he says to bypass and remove the Regulator to use the LED, but mine is missing that Regulator but I can get it sent to me free from GPS since my order was severely damaged by UPS handling and they've sent me a bunch of missing parts no problem since then.

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