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Jul 20, 2021
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hi,i'm new here. i'll get right to the point. finishing the restoration of the mini for the third generation (great grand kids). new everything including new79cc predator. mods include header,free flowing air filter,advanced timing,reset coil to .030, governor lockout rod and jetted the carb up to .80 and installed a ngkbp5hs gaped at .035.have about 20 minutes on it so far. it seems a bit sluggish so far under load. have a new lostar cen. clutch which engages at about 2200 rpm. i'm at about 165 lbs. and bike has a 11 tooth engine sprocket and a 60 rear. tach says 2200 at idle and engages at about 2250. when i slow down a bit it seems to take forever to reach speed again and sometimes i just put my feet down and give it a helping shove. according to the tach i can't get much more than 2400 rpm from it at wot under load and when i lift up the back wheel and twist the throttle it revs to 4500 real fast and thats when i let off because it's new. i'll be checking the valve settings this week. spark plug looked good. i'm a little stumped that it will not rev higher than about 2400 with me on it at wot but when i stop and lift the back wheel it revs pretty good. do you think the centrifugal clutch is not doing the job very good? btw tires are 10 inch with new tires. free reving is good and under load is bad. thanks in advance for any help. btw tach is set for mode #2. Denny

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