Mini shovel may be the best woods trails dirt mini bike fire extinguisher

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Jun 16, 2022
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I asked reddit firefighters. They suggested a mini foldable shovel which seems to be the best choice, where I ride the dirt should be pretty easy to dig. I was considering the Element mini one they're like $90 looks like a flair but reviews show they are basically useless, even the spray paint can style ones seem better although the fires kept coming back after it looked out. Make sure you have a spark arrestor on your bike if ride woods but also some idiot might throw a cigarette or have a fire that you ride up on. I still might get a mini RV one plus the shovel attached to frame but don't want to fall on the compressed tank could explode but can maybe put it in a padded box, but if larger fire it may require a shovel but still depending on wind etc it might not help much before fire dept can get there even if they had to use helicopter or something because can't drive into the trails but something is better than nothing.