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Discussion in 'Minibike Reviews' started by agressive1, Nov 22, 2007.

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    Hey Guys and Girls

    This is just a review from me regarding the MSO Pro 140cc dirt bike.

    The MSO team are really great, friendly and caring people who actually care and will talk to you and send email replys back instantly.

    The bike was sent express through the company TNT. Bike was received next day after payment well rapped up in a metal frame delivered by a great bloke.

    The building was preety strait forward thanks to Ken and Lindas help "MSO team", the bike got built in the matter of a few hours working around doing home work and going to work. I changed the oil to a Mineral based oil before starting the bike.

    The bike started first kick and idled sweetly with no rattle sound of any sort as you can here on some other brands of bikes. I have only ridden the bike for a few minutes now and nothing has come loose or nothing broken. The bike was fully checked over after a few laps around my back yard and no screws were loose.

    The bike goes just great really was surprised on the way it moved and shifted through each gear. The bike has been ridden on some rough dirt surfaces
    with tree roots sticking out of the ground and some little pot holes thanks to the great Pro suspension which made the ride smooth and precise with no bottoming out, now iam heavy and these shocks just put the icing on the cake.

    The quality of the bike is amazing, so far i have shown 8 people this bike and not one bad comment. Most of them are wow thats built great and looks great which it really does. The bike is so comfortable to sit on which is an extra bonus when it comes to hard core riding.

    I give the bike a 10/10 and i give the MSO Team 10.5/10, .5 for great service.

    If anyone has any questions about the bike please feel free to send me a PM and will reply back asap.

    I will add pictures shortly.


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