No power from stator

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Jun 7, 2021
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Hi all I have a Chinese 125cc 2006 I’ve tried to run the vin but comes back as not valid so unknown brand. But I brought it with no spark I’ve tried rewriting everything I even talked to my uncle and he couldn’t figure it out. I’ve tried sanding all the poles I don’t no if that helps or not but I tried after rewriting everything, it’s a 6 pole stator with only 3 wires, black/red blue/white and one green, I thought a 6 pole should have 5 wires? I also got a battery and put my electrical tester which is only a light as I don’t have a multimeter and I put the end of it into the main power wire (black/red) and couldn’t get spark but I got a shock though my clutch lever, I don’t want to replace the stator because the guy I brought it off had it running and then he painted the frame so I’m at abit of a loss any help would be awesome and thanks in advance

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