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Sep 17, 2009
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Recreational motorcycle registration for Pit bikes/ Mini bikes
All information from this thread has come from Recreational motorcycle registration : VicRoads follow the link for more details.

First what is Rec Reg?
Rec reg is a requirement in Victoria to ride any motorbike on state forests or non-build up areas under 100kms/h (Please contact VicRoads to confirm roads).
Why do I need it?
Rec reg isn’t just to ruin everyone’s fun; it’s a way VicRoads can keep track of the amount of bikes riding through our state forest. Every rider causes more damage to the state forest, so we can’t just have any vehicle out there. Without it riding in these zones you could receive a fine ($89-$1500) or even have your bike taken off you.

What do I need to get it?
• A rear vision mirror fitted to the right hand side
• Brakes fitted to both wheels, capable of working independently if one brake fails
• One head lamp
• One rear red tail lamp
• One rear red brake lamp
• One rear white number plate lamp
• A silencing device which restricts the noise level to 94 dBA or less
• An appropriate horn or warning device wired into the motorcycle's electrical system
• A chain guard that protects the rider from the front chain sprocket
In more details:
• A mirror, pretty basic, you need it so you can safely see any riders behind you to prevent accidents.
• Brakes, they come on pretty much every bike so this shouldn’t be a hassle.
• Head light mounted at the front of the bike, this is a safety requirement for 2 reasons. One being if you get lost at night and two being if you are riding at night others around you can see you.
• Rear brake light so your smart-ass mate up your ass knows you’re about to stop and doesn’t smash in to you. This is required to light up with either front or rear brake is applied.
• Goes hand in hand with 4. But also for night visibility.
• Number plate must be mounted at the rear of the bike; you will receive this from Vic roads once everything is approved.
• If you’re exhaust is grunting out louder then 94 dBA then you do not need a silencer. If it were louder I’d say get a quieter pipe as silencer reduce power. Bit of needed it’s a small plug that goes in to the end of the exhaust.
• Horn is for the idiot that just doesn’t see you or someone that’s slow and you need to give them a reminder to move, generally just letting others know you are round. It cannot be a manual horn it must be an electric horn powered by the battery.
• Chain guard its more just meaning to cover the front sprocket but someone Vicroad offices will also want a full chain cover to prevent anything getting caught in it.

The lights must be intended for motorcycle use, taping a torch to your handlebars doesn’t count.
A 'total loss system' power source for the lighting is not acceptable. (Hence you can’t just plug it all straight in to a battery)
If a battery is fitted to the motorcycle, an integrated charging system, such as an alternator, is required.
Magneto driving lights are acceptable if a battery is not fitted.

Okay so now you have got all this on your bike and you are ready to get it all approved.

Making an appointment:
You will need to make an appointment for the pit bike to be checked to make sure it meets the above standards. There is two ways to do this; there is a fee you will need to pay during book (for fee charges see below):
• Go in to any vicroads office
• Call over the phone 13 11 7

What to take to the appointment:
• The motorbike as it will need to be inspected!
• Evidence of identity – your drivers license will do for this and also a bank card or Medicare card.
• Evidence of ownership of the vehicle (a receipt or contract of sale identifying the vehicle by engine number and/or VIN showing the full name and address of the previous and new operator) – OK don’t freak out, chances are when you got your bike you threw this out. If that’s the case you can try chase up the seller to get another copy or not 100% correct but right up your own. It’s no necessary that the bike came from a store so lets just say Mum sold you the bike, write up a proof of purchase with all the VIN and engine details on it. Get you’re mum to sign it and sign it your self. There it’s yours. I haven’t had an issue doing this.
Once all is approved your will then need to pay all required fee’s and will be given one registration plate that must be put on the back of the bike.

•Appointment and Inspection = $39.70
•Recreation registration = 7.80
•Standard number plate = $15.30
•Transport Accident Commission (TAC) charge = It varies see link Page not found - TAC - Transport Accident Commission It’s roughly $75 in most areas.
•Motor vehicle duty = $5 per $200 of the market value or part thereof (Example, if the bike is $1000 the fee is 1200 divided by 200 = 6 x $5 = $30
•Average cost for set up= $167.80

Yearly after your first set up its roughly $95 a year.

Few other important facts:
• You must hold a motorcycle license to ride a rec reg bike.
• Solo riders only, even if you’re not on your learners you can only ride solo.
• Quads can’t get rec reg as they do far too much damage.
• Same rules apply with alcohol as on the roads.
• You must be 18 years of age.
• With rec reg anywhere you ride the TAC (This means you break your leg the same people that cover you for road injuries will cover your medical costs covers you. Even if on a motorbike track. This is the cheapest and best insurance you can have. It’s well worth having even if you only ride bush 3 times a year and tracks every week!)

Some helpful tuts:

Please recommended any other helpful links or tuts for how to install any rec reg requirements.

I hope this helped someone out there! Please post up a photo of your Rec Rego'd pit bike!


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Feb 29, 2008
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attwood - melbourne
good work rach, should stop a lot of people asking questions hopefully, will post up pics of my rec rego'd bikes tonight, Z50R, Pro X 140 and Nitrous mid size.

also, might want to mention the lights dont need to be really bright, they just have to work, a simple LED setup will do the trick, just enough light to get you by at night if you get lost.


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Aug 1, 2012
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Presumably the QLD transport authority ;)

Thats true but not very helpfull as the Qld mainroads website is like a minefeild to try and find information on registering a pit bike....I think what he meant was does anyone that has registered a bike in Qld already have any input into what is required

But im guessing you already knew that... -_- :p lol


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