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Aug 16, 2006
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How To Create & Maintain Your References

1. This forum is designed for people to maintain references for any trades, sales, purchases or auctions they run on the miniriders forums. We suggest you start a post here and ask any people you complete a successful transaction with to leave a comment in your references post.

2. To create a post simply start a new topic and title it with either your name or your forum username. Start the post off by simply stating-

"This is my references topic, please leave a reply with feedback if you have completed a transaction with me"

3. This forum is strictly for posting comments about a member with regards to a transaction completed with them. By doing this you are helping future members who may be interested in trading with this user to get an idea on what to expect.

4. If both members agree upon the final transaction and someone backs out then the other member is entitled to post feedback regarding the transaction. In this case it is best to contact a moderator first to get approval and protection from subsequent 'revenge' references. Members are also allowed to post feedback for failed transactions that wasted a lot of time, money or both.

5. A 'revenge' reference is a reference posted by a member who received a bad reference from another member, and they have posted a bad reference in return for revenge. If someone has posted a revenge reference for you, contact a moderator. The moderator will talk to both parties to work out if the revenge reference should be deleted. A moderator may delete subsequent revenge references posted by the infringing member and further action may be taken in regards to that member.

6. Your references thread is for other people to post references for you. Any posts made by you in your own reference thread (beyond the thread creation post) will be deleted.

7. The more details you leave here the better. Potential feedback could be transaction type (auction, trade, bike purchase/sale), value of transaction, efficiency, communications standard, distance between traders (was it an International trade or same city?), postal or face to face transaction, good/bad points, etc etc.

8. If you receive a bad reference you do have 'right of reply' to that bad reference. To exercise this right, you need to PM a moderator with your statement and they will add it to the bad ref. Your right of reply statement may be edited by the moderator depending upon content, language and legibility.

9. Don't take one or two negative feedbacks as a sign of a bad trader, but always remain wary. Sometimes things just can't be controlled such as postal delays or Internet downtime and remember there are always two sides to every transaction.

The intent is for this forum to become an accurate representation of a trader's trustworthiness so others can decide whether to deal with them. We encourage you to keep care of your references topic as it may help you make more sales. If you have any questions please PM the moderators.

Miniriders team
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