Six pole stator and half wave rectifier problems

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Oct 20, 2020
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Hi! I've been fighting with this Lifan 125:s electrical system on off for most of this winter and I'm in desperate need for some advice.

I get almost nothing from my rectifier as far as DC voltage goes and the stator outputs around 5VAC at idle and 7VAC when revving.
The stator I have is the six pole one with a white and yellow wire for charging. The rectifier is the half wave model with fins on top and four pins.

The resistances for the wires are to my knowledge in spec with what I've read online.
Yellow to ground: 0,7 ohms
White to ground 0,8 ohms
Yellow to white: 0,2 ohms

I'm stumped because every thread I've read trying to figure this out has ended in someone suggesting to float the ground, but no one has the actual sollution to making this current system work 😭