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  1. C

    Six pole stator and half wave rectifier problems

    Hi! I've been fighting with this Lifan 125:s electrical system on off for most of this winter and I'm in desperate need for some advice. I get almost nothing from my rectifier as far as DC voltage goes and the stator outputs around 5VAC at idle and 7VAC when revving. The stator I have is the...
  2. M

    Daytona Stator/CDI compatibility

    Hey all, I have a Daytona 190 with the the small flywheel and stator without charging for lights. I tried swapping in a large flywheel with a stator for charging the battery and running the lights. The spark seems weak and inconsistent with the large stator. I checked the resistance of it and...
  3. C

    yx150 stator issues. postie.

    Ok so ive been building a postie bike for a little while now and i have installed a yx150 engine from a ciniworx 150. Install went well everything ran just fine, but the engine didnt have a charging/lighting circuit. So i bought what i thought was the appropriate magnito/stator off ebay. When i...
  4. G

    Standard stator wiring coloring?

    Well I'm getting down to the last of my wiring 5 pin cdi easy enough I know what all there pins do but my stator has the following White to reg Yellow to reg/feed lights Green Green / red trace Blue white trace = trigger wire to cdo Black What do the rest of the wires do go to one...
  5. G

    8 pin cdi to 6 pin stator.

    Trying too wire up my bike I have a zongchen 8 pin cdi (7 wires used) and Trying to go to a 6 pin stator. So far I know On stator. Yellow wire to reg (power lights) White wire to reg. green/red netural light I think. So I've got a green (earth?) Blue/white Black/red That I have...
  6. S

    Wiring this regulator?

    I was thinking of putting lights on my son's Chinese pitty. The bike never came with them but the stator has the coils there for it- two yellow wires in this case. (it's a 6 pole stator). I've got a 5 pin regulator but no idea what the wiring is meant to be on it- I would love to use it- has...
  7. my67xr

    Daytona / Lifan 150 Adjustable Outer Rotor Stator conversion to Z155Ho, Z160Ho etc

    i thought i'd make a thread for anyone wanting to convert their Ignition's to the Daytona / Lifan 150 Adjustable Outer Rotor set up on Zongshens etc this is the basic Outer Rotor kit to suit a Daytona 150 / 190 or Lifan 150 that you'll need to do the conversion. or you can buy the more...
  8. S

    No spark, YX140

    my yx140 stopped sparking so I changed the plug and still nothing so I put a new stator plate and flywheel/ wiring loom/cdi/ coil and still cant get a spark could any body tell me what wires go to what please? stator plate wires cdi wires any help would be great
  9. my67xr

    Testing your pit bikes' electrics, Stator Magneto, Source coil, Pulse coil, regulator / rectifier

    i thought i'd make up a thread with some pictures of a few common Stators and list the Ohms readings if anyone needs to check theirs. i'll add some other stators when i get a chance next, and some ignition coils too Lifan 125 type stator and flywheel. the black coil to the left is the Source...
  10. timeeh

    HELP!!! No spark... Daytona/Lifan 150 style Adjustable Outer Rotor

    I know it's been covered b4 but i have no idea what i'm supposed to be doing when it comes to multimeters :( Hopeing someone can help. I have so far elimiated the following Brand new plug Swap 3 different plug leads and heads Changed out the coil to the old standard one Unplugged and...
  11. G

    3 phase lighting coil rectfier needed.

    Well I hit a new 160z and it comes with a 3 phase coil I'm looking for a new rectfier for it as it didn't come with one. Any ideas?
  12. T

    loncin engine replacement

    HI guys my sons mate has blown the g/box in his 125 loncin its allso getting very smokey so i think its time to replace it, id just rering it but since 2nd n 3rd gear's are shot be cheaper n less time consumingto replace it i dont know the brand of the bike only its 125 loncin engined what...
  13. M

    3 Phase Stator into Chinese Motor (Sachs Madass woes)

    Hi Tech Masters, After searching for quite some time, I've finally picked up a "49cc" registered Sachs Madass. This in itself excites me somewhat. Anyway, its got the 88cc BBR kit installed already, but I need a clutch and at least 125cc before I'm going to enjoy this bike. I'm looking at...
  14. Q

    Zongshen 250. Required battery amps? and charging

    Finally getting around to repairing the e-start on a zongshen 250 engine. Sprag clutch is ruined so needs to be replaced. I will need a new battery for it but since I threw the stock battery box and airfilter cover away in favor of a pod filter, i'm now having to rethink positioning The stock...
  15. T

    New to forum, STOMP 140 issue's

    Hi guys, new on this forum as i was getting no where on pbc. the issue i have is, i've just been out and bought a 2011 stomp 140 that i presume has the YX engine in, as the engine number is 1p56fmj which i googled. the lad a got if off clearly new nothing about bikes.... So i got it in...
  16. R

    Yamaha PW50 no spark, ignition ?

    Hi all. I'm having trouble with my peewee again. I got a new copy carbie and then went to start it and nothing , so I pulled the plug and there is no spark. It only recently had a new coil put on and a new plug but the plug has been in there when it was running super rich. I'm not running...
  17. motovert24

    Estart zongshen 110

    Hi guys, Having abit of trouble with my new 110 with starting. Me and dad got it wired up and it's making all the starting noises but just won't go, changed to carby to a 19mm as my 26 was leaking fuel everywhere. Also I can't find any Manuel's or wiring diagrams for this engine, does anyone...
  18. R

    PW50 running bad

    Hi all , My peewee is having trouble starting and takes a few kicks when it used to take just one. And when it starts to run, it dies and then you start it up and repeat that a few times and then it runs ok. And when you lift the back wheel up, it revs out and goes good. But when you ride it...
  19. S

    Fastace, marzocchi copy front forks, Daytona adjustable stator kit CHEAP

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Faceace front forks, In good condition fork guard stick have come off from pressure washer. $100 2. Marzocchi Front forks, In good condition $100 3. Daytona 150cc stator, In good conditon $150 REASON FOR SELLING: Need fund for my holiday LOCATION...
  20. mudskipper

    Recurring motovert pain

    As some of you may have spotted my Q'n'A threads regarding never ending dramas with my 160.:microwave: After many hours spent reading, adjusting, changing etc.. I got the bike to run mint. Would start first kick and even start first kick after stalling. Over the weekend I was chugging...