Terra moto krusha 86cc - semi automatic. Clutch / gear fluid?

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Teemu Ko

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Sep 5, 2023
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I have bought used 86cc terra moto krusha (2007?) For my son. (earlier and later Thumpstar brand) there is a semi automatic clutch.

I could not find any info of clutch / gear fluid. (Or is there a separate oil / fuid)

If yes, what fluid and how much it needs? Where / how to check needed amount?

At the bottom there is a bolt next to the engine oil bolt. I did open that one as well and some running fluid come out, small quantity thou. If that is not gear / clutch oil what that might be?

About the engine. Is it zongshen, lifan or what? Can that be specified based VIN?

I have been searching info or manual of terra moto but I haven't found.

Help highly appreciated!

Br, Teemu