Tillotson Predator 212 Electric start, OIL DRAIN PLUG THREAD SIZE hose extension bolt

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Jun 16, 2022
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Hi, I have a tillotson 212 E-start on an mega moto 212 frame. I wanna add an extension to make draining oil cleaner + easier, EDIT, I just checked before mounting the engine it seems the front OEM plug will hang over the frame for an easy clean draining but while I'm making the thread I figure might as well see if anyone knows the thread details for that bolt. Because with one of my big mowers it was a certain type that was close but not the same as there's a few different types and this is not something you want to cross thread! I like the rubber hose type and there was something also about the yellow spring-loaded tool-free draining hose one that got a lot of bad reviews about leaking so I want to avoid that and OK with a bolt-end. Or just the straight metal ~" pipe.

According to this, it's the same thread as Predator which is probably more commonly know thread
Crankcase Drain Plug Bolt for Predator/Clone 212 Engines - EC Carburetors
Well I've decided to keep the stock plain short bolt, because I ride woods and sometimes have to go over stumps branches etc that can be sticking up and don't want anything breaking an extension and have all the oil pour out. I've also ran the rear brake cable on the top of the frame too instead of the video tutorial says run under the bottom of the frame.
I don't want oil capillary-action seeping under the engine and loosening the mounting bolts/vibration so I'll tuck a aluminum foil flume below the drain bolt and keep the bike tilted plenty for drainage.

I would use a Lowe's/Depot thread checker or buy one with free return shipping and see how it goes. Although I don't think this is at all gas type thread, those can be extremely tricky for pressure washer, pneumatic nail gun etc, there's things like npt vs nptf are almost identical but can eventually cross thread.
I'm surprised there isn't an oil drain plug in the bottom front or back of the engine, like on a snowthrower or rototiller. I thought that was the setup you were working with, not the conventional bottom drain bolt like on a car or truck.
This is what I was referring to in the post above...

Predator drain plug.gif

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