VM24 issues on Lifan 150

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Nov 4, 2020
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Ive picked up a pitbike to ride with my son and it was running rough and wouldnt idle. Ive had it off and cleaned up the pilot and main and now the bike is idling crisp revs clean until i actually put it on the road.

I think the carb is a genuine carb, its labelled as a 24-4852. From reading the specs list sticky i think the jetting is there or there about. Enough at least that it should be running as rough as it does. How much of an impact does the mixture screw have on the running of the bike? I think its out just over 1 turn atm.

So as soon as i try it on the road its really hesitate and bucking, once it picks up speed it clears some, but it's still horrible to ride. I have a chinese VM22 here, so i threw that on and its much nicer to ride albeit slow,pulls clean in every gear.

Current specs are:
Pilot - 17.5
Main - 102.5
Needle - second from top



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