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  1. 125cc mad

    Please help.. 2015 TDR PRO 150cc mid size

    Hi everyone, I need a little help with my bike please.. Over the Easter long weekend I went for a ride around at a mates place any way long story short after completely botching a set of doubles I now have bent the forks, triple clamp and front wheel I have stripped the bike down and the frame...
  2. 125cc mad

    NSW Riding Spots

    Hey mate, I live in Newy as well. I know a good spot out West Wallsend just off O'donelltown road. I was out riding on Sunday with my son and we came across a brand new track, we got talking to a guy out the and it turns out he had literally just finished making the track.. It's only a flat...
  3. 125cc mad

    Any where good to ride at in or near geelong?

    Where abouts are you located?
  4. 125cc mad

    Trying to organise a ride.

    I have heard of a track or something at Barnsley but I can't find anything on Google Earth.. Which sucks as I only live 10 minutes away. I'm going up to a mates place just out of Tamworth the week after next for a ride but it's a big bike.. Super Enduro track so it has long straights long jumps...
  5. 125cc mad

    Trying to organise a ride.

    Hey mate have you and your boy got any riding in lately ? No not in the last couple of weeks.. have been really busy with work, was hoping to get out this week if the weather gets better. How about you?
  6. 125cc mad

    TDR 150cc Pitbike Review

    Was it your sister riding the bike or Travis Pastrana lol. But yeah as i said I cleaned up and re welded a couple of spots I was suspect on.
  7. 125cc mad

    TDR 150cc Pitbike Review

    Hey mate. No mine has no rear linkage setup which would of been a nice little addition to have but that's the price over quality right there I guess and I also believe that lack of linkage does contribute to over stressing the rebound and blowing out the rear shock. As for the front forks mine...
  8. 125cc mad

    TDR 150cc Pitbike Review

    Mate I love them... I just posted a response to " Bike for your budget" and raved about them. like anything out of China you need to research the crap out of it and be prepared for the quality over cost factor but once that's all done they're not too bad for what you get. I raced Yz's for 9...
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    BIKE FOR YOUR BUDGET (No more which bike should i buy threads)

    TDR... Junk..? Aftersales crap...? well I'm a proud owner of a $900 dollar delivered to your door 2016 TDR PRO TMX 150cc and I seriously beg to differ. As with any new bike jap or chinga you need to completely strip them down and rebuild with loctite and a 3/8 tourqe wrench... ( I'm a...
  10. 125cc mad

    PitsterPro XTR 150?

    You could try Sikaflex or Sikabond.. but really a new clutch would work out cheaper :)
  11. 125cc mad

    What bike is this?

    Hey mate check out my garage I have a very similar bike which I brought last December from YX Motors Victoria. The bike I have is this.... TMX PRO PX 15cc Dirt Bike Orange Mine has white plastics and a custom sticker kit. Hope that helps :)
  12. 125cc mad

    TDR 150cc A work in progress

    Yeah I saw an old You Tube video where a guy had an early model pit pro except he used cut down pvc piping. So today the new Mikuni 30mm went on the bike and I have to say so far straight out of the box the bike feels totally different a lot easier to start cold, very responsive off the...
  13. 125cc mad

    Carby for stock Lifan 125cc?

    Hey guys as it turns out I have a new 22/26mm Mikuni carby running stock jets #95/#15 would this work on a stock Lifan 125cc? To be exact it's a TDR PRO 125 currently running the stock carby and exhaust. Any help would be great :)
  14. 125cc mad

    pics-swingarm falling onto chain roller.

    I had the same shock on my TDR it blew out on the first jump I think and both plastic bushes totally fell to pieces after that I noticed the chain was very loose even with the spring tensioner Replaced rear shock and adjusted the chain all good so far :)
  15. 125cc mad

    TDR 150cc A work in progress

    Cheers my67xr.. I ran an oiled filter on the 22/26 carby and the guys tell me it comes with a filter, manifold and accelerator cable so all going well I should be set there. I guess at the very least when the need for speed gets to me I will have a decent sized carby to mount on a TB head.. but...