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  • Hey mate you can leave your bike at my joint if you want I live in Mt Martha, google map it, smack bang between dromana and Mornington.
    Hi, we are a new label in Australia, we are looking for some help in locating any clubs, events in your local area that you may know of, we would also like to get some photos up on our site of some pit bikes so if you have any feel free to upload them and let our friends know.

    Come and be a part of the Playdirty community.


    Hey mate.. i sorta put it up on ebay :D and theres a couple of people who want it.. Some one is coming today or tomorrow.. but if they dont follow through i'll let you know.
    Hi mate!!!
    I see youve made a pretty sweet ramp and said that "you can have a go" or something???

    Where is the ramp at the moment???
    I wouldnt mind having a go...but where are you from???


    I have placed an advert in the classifieds. Im a gumby with computers and cannot put up pix. Wondering if i could email some to you if you could put them up for me?

    g'day mate just wonder if you can help me,my add has benn deleted in general clas.is there any reason why?thanx for your help.
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