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  1. T

    Suzuki DS 80 Resurection

    Trying to bring an 86 Suzuki DS80 back from the grave..almost there. Any suggestions on a fix for keeping it running without the choke on??? Thanks
  2. B

    Boingk's SDB Enduro Pro 250cc (Aircooled)

    Here we go guys, arrived the other day so tore the cardboard off and had a quick squiz: The front wheel and handlebar need fitting, and I'll be Loctiting and lubing pretty much everything before riding. The oil will be changed out for 10W-40 Gulf Western diesel oil and the sump flushed and...
  3. qwerty243

    Over heating maybe ??

    Can someone help identifiy what could be causing this problem. After riding for a couple hours today my bike started to run really sh!t like back firing, spluttering and stalling. so i stop and try and start my bike and it wont, kinda of sounded flooded after trying to start it. anyway i end...