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  1. 21Guns

    2015 Atomik Nitrous 125cc

    So I bought the Nitrous 125cc of Ebay around March for a grand sum of $580 including postage with the expectations of its a chinese bike I'll probably have it thrashed and broken within a few months. It was my first pit bike and first time I'd really ridden an offroad bike. Honestly these last...
  2. roostyamates

    hard to kick start

    hey just wondering if anyone can tell me weather it would be wise to buy a 2011 atomik nitrous 160 thats hard to kick start, what does this tell you about the bike? is t easy to fix? thanks
  3. Atomik_150_Rider

    Atomik Nitrous Handlebar Problem

    i am trying to remove the stock handlebars, and because its been nearly 2 years since i got the bike, i cant remember what way to turn the hex screw to take the handle bars off, the bolt underneath has to be turned a certain way too, clockwise or anticlockwise, and btw the bolt and screw are...
  4. dessy

    Atomik Comp 140 / 160

    G'day Guys, After a search I wasn't able to find much info from Atomik Comp owners. The seem good for the $s but I am keen for some feedback from someone who owns one. NEW ATOMIK COMP 140CC PIT TRAIL MOTOR DIRT BIKE THUMPST | eBay Cheers.
  5. jimmie121

    Atomik nitrous 140cc vs 150cc

    come to the conclusion after evryones help on this forum that i will buy an atomik...just wanting thoughts on the difference between an atomik 140cc and a 150cc obviously there is a power difference, but is it a big difference? i have riddin my mates atomik 150cc and is a fantastic bike for the...
  6. GenuineRider

    New atomik nitrous 160cc

    Thinking of buying this bike, looks alot better than all the previous makes of atomik NEW ATOMIK NITROUS 160CC PIT DIRT BIKE MOTOR THUMPSTAR - eBay Other Trail Bikes, Trail Bikes, Motorcycles, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 27-Aug-09 22:15:00 AEST) What do you think?