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  1. F

    Mini ATV Need help with wiring

    Hello guys! I found a mini atv on the side of the road and decided to try to fix. It has a 2 stroke 49cc engine with electric start. However I'm having some trouble with the wiring which is really messed up. There's also an alarm system attached which I would like to remove. As my knowledge of...
  2. Shearer

    MX vs ATV

    This Video neat to watch Canard and brown they have got some skills for shore! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. M

    china 110 loncin atv engine clutch parts seem to be missing?

    i bought this atv casing was open parts of the clutch is missing the front face plate old owner says this shaft was never there like on the image i showed of 125cc. am i missing this shaft?or is this something only on the 125cc, if i am supposed to have one can you tell me what it is called or...
  4. W

    GMX Sports ATV Quad Bike

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  5. W

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  6. B

    GMX Motorbikes Video for Agfest Show in Tasmania Please visit for the full range of GMX Quad Bikes and Dirt Bikes at unbeatable price or call 1300 315 504 for any questions. :) Why pay more on freight shipping? Please contact your local GMX Motorbikes dealers at...
  7. B

    GMX SPORTS RED BEAST 110cc ATV 110CC - 2013 STOCK For more information about this GMX Quad Bike, you can find it on GMX Motorbikes Site.
  8. mdewar85

    2012 full auto 125 clutch adjustment

    Hi, I'm after help with clutch adjustment on a current model motoworks 125cc full auto, and does anyone know what motor this is a copy of, as its just advertised as a yamaha copy but not your usual ducar/ Lifan brands. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  9. my67xr

    my china Dune Buggy, 110cc build/modify

    here is a china Dune Buggy we bought for our 9yo son a couple of years ago. 110cc, 1 speed auto, bought it used, saved about $600 off retail price at the time. here's the pics of when we first got it. it needed a little work, things had broken off, or been lost etc. it had no rear brake...
  10. Q

    somewhere to ride???

    hey i was wondering if anyone knows where is a good spot to take my quaddy that isnt going to upset any residents. being in victoria the nanny state i cant take it anywhere but private property. so if i can sneak off into the bust in the middle of nowhere that would be sweet. i heard there is...
  11. motorman

    Quadsport Z90

    Hey Guys, Looking into getting a Susuki Quadsport Z90 quad second hand for a bit of fun. The only things that are wrong with it is a bent steering arm and needs a top end rebuild. Does anyone have one of these? I also want to do it up (thinking maybe a bore kit etc). Is it even possilbe...