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  1. S

    Foxico Z160HO, trails/enduro bigwheel

    Sweet just picked this up on a lead from mx67xr, cause he's such a great bloke! Talked the guy down from 250 to 200 since the back wheel is cheese! May be able to re-spoke it and tighten it up but possibly needs to be replaced. The chain is rusted together. It did go through from 1st-4th on the...
  2. jesseRS10comp

    big wheel pit bike build aka ktm 85 killer

    hi guys I'm gonna build a big wheel pit bike and use it to kill my mates yz80s and crfs 150s it will be a lengthy build but will have detail :action-smiley-035: it will start with a BBR perimeter frame and a pit pro bigfoot swing arm a ciniworx 175cc motor with bore kit and a high comp piston...