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  1. G

    Help needed! extreme bogging and terrible performance :(

    Hello, I've got a Kinroad XT50GY, it's a road bike, but the engine is from a Chinese pit bike, it's a 50cc horizontal engine with 4 gears and a manual clutch. P.S. I'm not good with 4 strokes, this is my first 4 stroke bike, and i wan't to learn how to diagnose and fix 4 strokes as well. And i'm...
  2. Perthrider

    oko 26mm pilot circuit issues

    After installing a oko 26mm flatslide from dhz, my bike (dhz 140 outlaw ( the one with the zongshen)) is sluggish and usually bogs down and dies when accelerating to WOT off idle (top end is fantastic though, way to go oko :action-smiley-033: ). I have fiddled with the air mixture screw to the...
  3. Perthrider

    bogging? dhz 140 outlaw

    I know this is probably already discussed, but its driving me crazy! When the bike is idling nicely in neutral, and you open the throttle quickly from dead idle, it will bog down and usually die. This does not apply when im riding though, or when i rasie the revs a bit and then open it up, so im...
  4. Perthrider

    (dhz) Mikuni 30mm carby tuning-where do i start??

    So ive run my new dhz outlaw (140 zonger) for about three tanks now, and considering it 'run in' i thought id open that throttle, however when i did this, from a low speed in second to flat i was disapointed to find a short lag or 'bog' before it really picked up. this is also relevant when in...
  5. Prater999

    engine bogging?

    Hey guys i was wondering what the main reason an engine would bog 4? if i'm crusing round and suddenly give it some gas in first or second it will bog, i nearly fuked myself going over a jump b4 when it suddenly bogged on me :( help! lol thanx :)