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  1. dno92


    Whats up everyone, This is now the second time in three weeks that the bolt that holds my clutch to the crankshaft has snapped entirely while riding it. I have a torque converter on it but with how many people i've seen with this torque converter there is no way that this is a common issue. Im...
  2. M

    Help id what bike this is

    I bought this bike for parts hoping to use it for parts. But looking at it twice I slapped a new carb on there and she fired right up! Does anyone know what this is?? I need a new seat I don't know if it's the same seat on the klx110 because the normal crf50 seat won't bolt up! Serial kn152fmh-2
  3. D

    Revving problems ??

    When i give the bike acceleration it bogs out it only allows me to gradually rev the bike real slow if i try to just go flat rev it bogs and dies, i have pulled the carby out and cleaned it with carby spray, i did notice that the black plastic gasket on the carby had a crack in it and a chip...
  4. M

    Help Please, could someone measure from the ground up to their swing arm bolt for me ?

    PLEASE HELP can someone please measure from the ground to the swing arm bolt and tell me the measurement need to be 12 inch rims on the back thanks a lot
  5. Electrum

    2006 Yamaha YZ85, lost rear brake pedal screw

    Hey my yz85 '06 brake pedal (rear) bolt has came out and now the brake pedal isn't held in place properly and I have no idea where to get a new bolt from? If anyone can tell me what the bolt is called and where to get it from online? PS bolt might possibly mean screw in this context :p
  6. thumpermechanic88

    Swingarm Nut and bolt dilemma!!!

    Hey all I'm new to this site but iv worked on these things for a shile now I have a crf 50 style frame which has a 125cc ducar with a mikuni 26mm racing carby it goes good but Iv had trouble past couple months tryin to find a nut and bolt to suit my swingarm Iv been to every bolt bloke I know of...