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  1. spoonta68

    WEAPON RX build thread

    hey alls recently picked up this motovert rx from a dude in nsw for a wicked price and once the cash had been transfered... it was pretty much loaded in a mates double doing a melb to syd truck run apon arrival i noticed that the sellers desripton wasnt exactly spot on lol -rear dnm was...
  2. E

    Axle and rear wheel help!!

    Hey everyone, recently took my bike into motorbike city toget them to go threw my bike, the fixed the engine, took 2 weeks... Then forced the, to put rear brakes and a tube in it because I needed it for weekend, they say my axle and rear wheel and axle are 12mm and need to be 15mm? Is there...
  3. xLOCOx


    WANTED: A rear break caliper 45mm C to C and a 10mm banjo bolt! CONDITION: THE NEWER THE BETTER! most likely with a good amount of brake pad left on it! PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: 20 bucks LOCATION: Shepparton EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: Just pm me!
  4. Chickenwingz

    Seized bolt in caliper

    Any ideas on how to take this out, I snapped a easy out in there trying to take it out, I've got it soaked in penetrating oil. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk
  5. Stizzle89

    Rear brake piston not clamping!

    This morning i changed my rear break fluid and now the rear brake piston will not clamp. It was working fine before i changed it and now it doesnt. Theres enough fluid in there and theres no kinks or leaks in the hose. I installed everything the same exact way as it was before i changed the...
  6. android90

    Brembo 4 Pot Brake Caliper 84mm Mounting

    Hey again guys , I have had my attention on these brake calipers for a while now ...... BUT am yet to buy them as i don't know if they will fit my " Marzocchi Shiver Forks Brake Bracket"..... ANY smart guys or gals on here know if they are a direct replacement ...
  7. brettLo

    front brakes

    hey all just got an urgent question as i want to order the parts tonight so there arrived by the weekend (if parts are required) well what happened was , i took the front wheel off my bike, (got a flat) and when i was chatting to a mate and not realising what i was doing. i was squeezing my...