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  1. J

    z160ho oil cooler help needed

    I have a pitsterpro z160ho which I want to totally remove the oil cooler and not use it at all.. as the motor is in my z50r and the cooler clutters it up too much (want a cleaner look) is it just a case of finding bolts and blocking the holes in the motor ? or do I have to run a pipe to link the...
  2. china911

    oil cooler for anima 190

    has anyone carried out a comparison on the best oil cooler at a reasonable price. Preferably with banjo bolt set up.
  3. BlndDvl

    Fitting an oil cooler to a TDR Pro 125cc

    I recently got back into bikes after 20 odd years. In essence you could call me a bare basic beginner. I have picked up 3 bikes in past 6 months, a 110cc semi auto Marshin, a little 49cc 2 stroke pocket (for Sh*&ts n giggles) and recently a TDRpro 125cc semi auto. Was wondering if it is...
  4. fat80y

    Oil Coolers

    Hey all, I own an Chinese X-Racer 125cc LONCIN pitbike,;) I need to fit an oil cooler (like most normal bikes) Its only air cooled atm, I ride for v long periods My guess is that i would need to fit an oil pump to fit a cooler has any1 done this mod b4?? I spose to any bike ?:o...