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Apr 27, 2009
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Sydney - Sutherland
Hey all,

I own an Chinese X-Racer 125cc LONCIN pitbike,;)

I need to fit an oil cooler (like most normal bikes)

Its only air cooled atm, I ride for v long periods

My guess is that i would need to fit an oil pump to fit a cooler

has any1 done this mod b4?? I spose to any bike ?:eek:

i need help b4 it melts btween my legs:mad:


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That don't look like much of a race bike!! lol.

Don't need an oil pump. The oil pressure is enough to push it threw I believe.

If it has the parts to screw the oil lines on then you just need to buy it and bolt it straight on.

If it doesn't then I'm not sure what you would do. Either it can't be done or there are some modification that will be required.

I would have thought if it didn't come with an Oil Cooler and it's still a stock engine then do you really even need to worry about it? I'm sure someone will correct me!! :p
smallwheeldeals, on ebay...

sells the kit with the head feed...just goes on the r.hand side of the head instead of the finned cover...

then you gotta mount the cooler somewhere...

dabomb appears to have a head feed on his "tear down a head" thread... looks a bit better than the one i got too:mad:

or dont bother?
If your jetting is good and your oil fresh and at the correct level, you should not need an oilcooler. I have thrashed my crappy 110cc loncin HARD for the last 2 years without even a sign of overheating, both WOT riding and slow technical riding for extended periods.


ok , if it didnt come with 1 , it doesnt need 1 !!!

Shall save my $$$ and keep on thrashing the beast !!:rolleyes:


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