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  1. J

    Loncin 125 questions!!

    I have what I think is a Loncin 125cc. It has a 52.4mm bore and a 13mm pin, I'm trying to find a place to get a 53mm piston or a 53.5mm. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Tony_L

    First moto, ares99/orion27 125cc

    Greetings, Due to a mates new rental circumstances I got a free china 125! Now I was in no way intending to get a bike, but it happened to be lying around - and I was too scared to ride his 250 (that he also got with the property). I actually have only ever ridden a peewee50 probably 20+...
  3. G

    help with wireing a loncin 48cc mini chopper engine please

    hi i was jw if anybody could help me with my mini chopper wireing im tottaly new to this and idk what to do i have searched this up everywere now all i want for now is to hook my engine up so it will start with a kick start i can add pics to help if needed
  4. Q

    Valve Clearance???

    I Just fell off the turnip truck and am still bouncing my head off the ground trying to figure what the correct clearances are for my pit bike. I found this bike on Craigslist so I have no manuals etc. It is a 149cc vertical Loncin motor. The stamp on it starts with LC162FMJ. I have been trying...
  5. D

    110cc thumpstar loncin gearbox problems

    Hi all, was just wondering if you guys can share some knowladge with me i have picked up a thumpstar for 200$ it was running like a dream got it off an old mate, he only sold the bike because he had to pay off his un-needed "iPHONE" now after about a month of riding, i have noticed that...
  6. G

    Valve Set Help

    Does anybody know the valve specs for a Loncin 150cc? Also how can i get it at TDC? How can i turn the engine over slowly without using kick start? cheers
  7. fat80y

    Oil Coolers

    Hey all, I own an Chinese X-Racer 125cc LONCIN pitbike,;) I need to fit an oil cooler (like most normal bikes) Its only air cooled atm, I ride for v long periods My guess is that i would need to fit an oil pump to fit a cooler has any1 done this mod b4?? I spose to any bike ?:o...
  8. fat80y

    Clutch Adjustment/Replacement

    Hi all, I own a X-racer 125cc Loncin Chinese Bike , I need to adjust the clutch as its starting to slip , is there an adjustment other than on the cable or will I need to replace it , If replacement is the only option , how much and where can I get 1 from ??? I can do the work...