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  1. C

    crf50 clone

    i picked up a 2012 baja dr50 cfr-clone, fresh off of break-in. its a emissions model, it had a filtered crank breather tied into the air filter. a pcv/erg valve of some sort with 2 hoses hooked to it, 1 hose going to a nipple on the intake mani and the other goes to a nipple on the head, and a...
  2. J

    Street tire ona stock swing arm

    Hello. I've been looking into getting a rear street tire for my crf50. Three inch. A lot of the sites say that there made for after market swing arms only? I wana run one but not a pizza cutter. Was wondering if anybody could help me. thanks....
  3. J

    Crf 50 ?s

    Was wondering if anybody could help me with a few ?s. Im new to minis. Fist off I have sticky throttle, I already looked at the tube and was wondering if it could be anything bad. Also can I run a stock or more basic pipe on a 88cc kit? have a super loud pipe on it know. dont really like...
  4. tomy251

    Tomy's Honda CRF50 Stocka Build!

    Hi Guys! Ive had this Stocka for about 2 Months now I think haha and its been Great but its time to give it a few of my own Personal Mods! Here's some Pics I took of it Last Weekend...I got it as is minus the ODI Pink 1/2 Waffle Grips and Dunlop Geomax Front/Rear Tyres...
  5. westy465

    westy's CRF50 build

    thought I would make a proper thread with pictures of the progress. started out as a stocker then got a bar kit then thanks heaps to CRF50 2008 for the Pro Circuit pipe. I will reccomend him as a seller to anyone. on the list, HD springs, 88cc kit with cam and carb. tall...
  6. tomy251

    WeekEnd 50n Pics!

    What WE get up to on the Weekends...Ride 50s! Here are some Pics of what WE get up to on the Weekends!...GONE 50N :D Ill be Updating this Thread every now and then with some Fresh Shots! To Start off... These are from Today, and Saturday/Sunday just gone... 3 Days of Solid Riding...
  7. tomy251

    50 Mini Kicker Ramp PLAN

    Hey Everyone. Seen Im wanting to build one of these ASAP I thought I may as well share the Plans I made up!!! :) This 50 Mini Kicker should be made out of 40x40x2.5mm RHS Steel with the Dimensions of 1841mm high at it's peak and 3311mm long with a 6m constant radius. I am yet to make...
  8. tomy251

    FINALLY!!! Got a CRF!!!

    Ahh...the Saga has Broken :)haha...FINALLLY Went up to Sydney Yestuday to Pick Up My NEW MINI!!! 2006 CRF88Lim!!! -Takegawa 88 Kit -Takegawa Heavy Duty Auto Clutch -Five O Pipe -Sik 50s (Billetware) Cradle Mount Frame -Sik 50s +2 Swingarm -BBR SP-5 Forks and Triple Clamps -Ishock with...