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Aug 14, 2012
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i picked up a 2012 baja dr50 cfr-clone, fresh off of break-in.
its a emissions model, it had a filtered crank breather tied into the air filter. a pcv/erg valve of some sort with 2 hoses hooked to it, 1 hose going to a nipple on the intake mani and the other goes to a nipple on the head, and a filter coming off of it also. a catalitic convertor.

it runs good except for a funny dead spot between idle and 1/4 throttle. already done a couple little things. i deleted the emissions stuff, polished out all the chrome and aluminum, took off the horrible stock graphics, relocated kill switch, flipped brake lever to clutch side(semi-auto), scott widow grips.

i plan on ditching the twist throttle, for a atv thumb throttle. do any of the chinese part companies make aluminum ones?

going with a uni filter, and billet exhaust/steel header system.

id like to grab a graphics kit, whose hold up?

aluminum bars too.

anyone had or know anyone whos had one of these?
welcome to the forum..

Is the style bike you are referring to?

Just out of curiosity.. is your one of the ones being recalled due to a fire safety hazard?

I dont have much in the way of suggestions to really dump the emissions other than maybe a new head or upgrading the motor to something that isnt stock.

why would you want a thumb throttle?! :/
Clutch, Brake ,Throttle, & Odo Cables >> Moose Racing ATV Dual Gasser
yep thats it, it seems to run better and have more power with out the emissions stuff connected.

i checked my vin with the list of recalled bikes, the emissions models arent affected.

i cant stand twist throttles, i have a habit of getting my wrist caught againist my leg when turning sharp, resulting in it getting pinned wide open. plus i love thumb throttles i switched my kdx50 to thumb throttle first thing.
i checked out the moose racing ones....they are 121.00 or more, for that much i can go get one custom cnc cut here in town.
i picked this up for me to put around the alley on from time to time, and for the little man so he can go riding with us.
i plan on getting a used klx110, big wheel xr70, ttr90-110 or a new ssr125/pitster125 for myself, so i can race around with him. i never should have traded my kdx50 for that cr250r.

what all real crf50 parts fit on the clones? will the brand name exhausts fit?

i think i got the carb adjusted good now, put in a real ngkR plug in gapped correctly. i weigh 250 and it gets me up to 35-40mph pretty easy. my only qualm with the bike is its hard to shift into second.

thumb throttle, exhaust, bars, air filter are going to be the first upgrades were going to do. once i have that stuff done ill get graphics, carb, foot pegs, rear shock, 12" front wheel/hydro brake.




here you can see the emissions cap offs i did. im planning on making a delete plate for the lower one, to get rid of that tube.
whats it like to ride with a thumb throttle?
its awesome, makes braking with the fronts easier. and my wrist doesnt get tired.
i got the throttle switched to a thumb throttle a buddy had laying around, oddly enough it fixed the deadspot, and pulls more topend rpms now. kinda weird, must have been a issue with the old cable or twist.
i spread the foot pegs so they are a little fatter, more area for your foot.

switched the stock crap strut out for a 11inch unit with a 300lb spring. its a tad stiffer than i wanted, but now it accelerates much harder and turns agressively due to it having almost no weight transfer, it puts all the power down scratches every gear when shifting if youve got it at half throttle or more:). ill prob change the strut back out when he starts riding it by himself.

i cant decide on a exhaust. a ebay china cheapy, power-d perimeter exhaust, evo big gun, fmf pc4. anyone have any input for these exhausts?
never heard of a pitbike having emmisions stuff before lol. but hey hook some nitrous up. you already got a nipple on the intake for it lmao
lol wont be going that far. and i think ive got it narrowed down to the ssr125 4spd clutch-14/12 kit or the twin spar frame 125 coolster 4spd clutch-14/12 kit. the ssr is 650 to my door and the coolster is 700, although i like the frame and tuck exhaust of the coolster. the ssr is rated for more weight and 1 1/2hp more stock.
yesterday i polished all the fins on the head to a mirror finish. i put chrome pegs on the back, its a easier pivot point for your feet when your trying to ride wheelies or stunt. i put 2 inch spacers and longer bolts on top of the forks to give it more height and clearance in front. i ditched the crap stock heat shield as it did nothin but get scalding hot to the touch, i used uv10 1/8 in lexan sheet and a torch to bend it. and made a new one, it stays cool to the touch even after riding for a hour or 2.

i keep ripping tubes in the back tire(had the same isue with the kdx50) just got to get sum kenda tuff tubes. i have a set of aluminum mag rims 14x3-front and 10x6-back with nice agressive street tires. they fit just barely, but they make the handling super touchy and hard to predict especially on gravel and dirt. pics today after i clean it up.
Good thread mate looks good for a youngster to start up on , Also all the new bikes that came to the states recently all have these emissions things on them, we cant even get a new x18 or any 110cc super pocket bike here cause they have not made them pass emissions test for the states yet .

cant wait to see your up grades man keep up the good thread :)
thanks, yeah the first thing i did was delete the emissions system, the only thing left is the little cat in the header pipe.
Can you switch ot to disk brakes? I picked up one of those for $50.