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  1. A

    Short Edit: BucciMoto - 190CC Daytona Anima Engine.

    Watch in 1080p *HD* Riding with my BucciMoto dirtbike, 190cc Daytona engine +CRASH - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hNzc2T0p5Y&t Please subscribe to my youtube channel, means alot for me. Thanks for watching, i hope you will enjoy it :)
  2. A


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxKtkBGjp-w&t=5s P.S Sorry for that i posted in wrong place first time! :(
  3. R

    Can i make this happen

    I have 50cc mini dirtbike, and wondering because its a pull start if i can make it a kickstart simply by adding a small metal plate with a peg out of it to the frame then tieing my pull start round it ?? Can you email me your thoughts : [email protected] On attached picture...
  4. S

    PitPro 150 bigfoot build/dismantle

    Well I did it again. Picked up another bike cause I wanted to get a 150...So I got this. Was pretty damn cheap at $300, has a DNM rear shock fully adjustable and rebound adjustable forks. 150yx and pretty clean generally. Needs a new seat and new rear fender besides that its just a bit of...
  5. L

    having trouble kick starting dhz 160cc

    new 2012 model of a dhz 160cc im finding it hard to kick over. its started a couple of times but thats it. is anyone else having trouble starting the bike? and if you know anyway of starting it let me know.
  6. T

    puncture help

    hi my uncle keeps on getting punctures on his 125 and 250 atomik bikes he has rode 6 times this year and he got 6 punctures. i thing it is time to chane brand what do u guys think?
  7. taggyy

    CR125R - 2001 Model Question ?

    Hey guys does anybody no where to get new guards for this bike... and just a nice graphics kit not expensive just a stocky i live in Australia , Victoria , Melbourne , St.albans 3021 thanks guys wont my bike to have a brand new look to it cause i polished the frame and all that Stuff lol