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  1. my67xr

    my 1982 Suzuki JR50, Rusty restoration

    the other week when i picked up the Jianshe Coyote PY80 it actually come with another bike. i picked up the pair of them for $220 this is the other rusty bike, a 1982 Suzuki JR50. i thought if i fix this one up it would give Cj an opportunity to lean to use a footbrake, and that it'd also be...
  2. B

    The Three Amigos / Kamikazee Disposal's Pit Bikes - Adelaide SA

    Has anyone bought a bike from the Three Amigos? What were they like to deal with? Any comments on the 110 cc 4 stroke dirt bike for $825 shown on the attached link? Cheers, BMA threeamigos.com.au