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Jul 27, 2005
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Has anyone bought a bike from the Three Amigos? What were they like to deal with?

Any comments on the 110 cc 4 stroke dirt bike for $825 shown on the attached link?

Cheers, BMA
they look shonky aswell, being a used car sales yard. i wouldent buy from them.

Thanks for the support everyone, it means a lot. I'd suggest you visit us before making assumptions of our character in future, I'd grant you the same respect.

To your question about the bike... you are quite right in thinking the swing arm isn't the most rugged available, that's why the bike is only $825. Also, it is not intended for full grown adults to be doing 20 foot table tops on this bike, it is an entry level model. You get what you pay for after all.

If you can spend a little more we have the Widowmaker available in a 110cc or a 125cc for $990 and $1100 respectively. Visit the web site again and take a look, you'll see they are a much stronger looking bike.

That said, we have sold over 15 of the $825 bikes in only 3 days and are yet to receive any negative feedback.


I would be grateful if you could provide more detailed specs for the 125cc widowmaker?

Wheel sizes? Electric start? Colour range, etc

What is the recommended rider weight limit?

Thanks, BMA
3 Amigos Mini Bikes, maybe this feedback will help your business in a way the reason i said the sway bar looks abit shit its because the picture is deciving that guy weighs atlease 100kgs but u said its for a kid? im not being an ass to you or anything... but people will see that pic and think yeah it'll be a good bike if that dude is on it and u didnt say the max weight the bike can take so speaking for my self and have owned 3 chinese dirt bikes i wouldnt buy the bike simply because the sway bar and shocky look dangerous
now all that said PM me with shipping cost of the 150cc to 2177 (sydney) im interested for my missus and what other colours do u have? she loves black bikes
they dont ship, well when i asked last week thats what i got told!

He's quite right, we don't ship. If you want one you'll have to organize that yourself.

Can't help you out with a black 150cc I'm afraid, only Blue.
3 Amigos

Yes, don't buy your bike from us. We're dodgy used car salesmen out to fleece each and every rider out there..... MUHAHAHAHA!

Unless you've got specific circumstance when we've done the wrong thing by you, keep your opinions to yourself. After all, don't we grant you the same respect?

We sell 200 bikes each and every month, do you really believe we would sell that many if we screwed people?

I'm telling ya, give consumer affairs a call first. Listen to what THEY have to say.
1800 - Fuckwits Anonymous

I Think Thats The Number Sumone Quoted In Another Post, As Well As Detailing A Story Where The Stupid Wankers Were Tryin To F**k Him Over.
I bought a 49cc piece of shit on CHRISTMAS and it STILL DOESNT START!

Apparently their contract or something is FAKE.

Consumer affairs told me that one :)
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